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About Economic Foundation


The Economic Foundation was founded in 1990. It was one of the first NGO's in Poland created to support enterprise, upgrade job qualifications, counteract unemployment, help Polish companies to establish international economic contacts.


Mission of the Economic Foundation

is to ensure our clients opportunity
for professional and economic development
by providing high-quality consulting, training
and information services.

The Foundation is one of the accredited centres of National System of Services for SMEs acting in Poland. The Foundation acts in a range of consulting, training and information services which complies with the standards of National System of Services for SMEs.


Main goals of policy of quality are creating and keeping the image of The Economic Foundation as credible and professional service provider, coming up to the needs of clients, offering high-quality services.

These goals are achieved by:

  • constant improving the quality of services and adjusting them to the needs of clients, achieved in cooperation of all employees,
  • constant improving the competences of employees, according to their identified needs,
  • providing adequate resources for realization of planned goals,
  • cooperation and exchange of information with other institutions within KSU (National System of Services for SMEs),
  • acting according to the principles of professional ethics of KSU,
  • constant improving the efficiency of quality management system meeting the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 standards.

The Economic Foundation has been listed in non-public educational institutions record.

The certificate

The Economic Foundation has been also listed in employment agency register.

The certificate


The Economic Foundation activity areas:

Advisory services:

  • business advisory - for people intending to start their own business and for small and medium  sized enterprises - concerning finance, law, management, marketing, innovation, quality, human resources, available sources of financing for SMEs, assistance in completing applications for funding
  • vocational advisory - for secondary school students, graduates and the unemployed - professional advisers help to develop personal skills, construct curricula and inform about the possible job reorientation, help to choose career path and test aptitude for specific occupations

Training services:

  • Courses for people starting up their own business in the area of marketing, preparing business plan, financing SMEs activity, negotiations, sales and training on EU assistance programms
  • Courses in range of job orientation for secondary school students, graduates and the unemployed
  • Vocational training in many construction crafts, such as bricklaying, plastering, wall painting, welding, assembling, warehouse working

Information services:

  • available public support programs for enterpreneurs and others sources for financing of business activities
  • criteria to qualify for available support programs and use of SME support instruments



Publishing activity:

  • preparing books, magazines, educational materials, brochures and leaflets
  • graphic designs
  • desktop publishing

The Economic Foundation has about 3 000 clients a year. Most of our activities and implementing our statutory tasks is possible only thanks to financing by different institutions and also by local authorities.

Institutions established by The Economic Foundation:

  • Gdansk Foundation of Management Development in Gdansk
  • Bialystok Foundation for Professional Training in Bialystok
  • Lublin Development Foundation in Lublin
  • Podlaska Regional Development Foundation in Bialystok
  • The Regional Development Agency in Koszalin, Zielona Góra and Gdansk
  • Polish-American Institute of Enterprises in Gdynia, Rzeszow and Bialytok
  • Fundacja Polska REFA in Warsaw
  • Fundacja Kadry dla Wielkopolski in Poznan